Our Kitchen Provides

An Illinois licensed, commercial food manufacturing facility

We took care of all of the licensing so you can focus on getting your business started. 

(Some businesses will require further licensing, depending on the food produced and logistics of your business.)

Three workstations for a variety of food production

Our Kitchen is broken up into three separate work areas:  a stove area for cooking, an oven area for baking and a sink/prep area for prepping and cleaning. Use one area, or all of them!

Business and regulation support from an on-site kitchen manager

You won't have to go it alone at The Kitchen Incubator. We have a manager onsite to show you how to use all of the equipment, help you with a business plan, or just bounce ideas and recipes of off! (Any opportunity to taste test a sample will always be taken seriously! Lol!)

Business start up assistance provided by the Small Business Development Center

Resource collaberation

Answers to FAQ